You might not believe the title of this blog, but I can give you five reasons why a white sofa is the perfect choice for young families… On one condition!

I absolutely love white sofas. They’re fresh, coordinate with almost anything and really lighten up a room. 

Visitors walking through my noisy, toy-strewn home, look at the white sofa in my kitchen with a wide-eyed questionable glance, but I’m a BIG advocate. Here’s why:

1) White cotton is bleach-able! 

2) It’s not going to fade, no matter how many times you wash it

3) It won’t leave a faded out, bobbled patch after spot cleaning like it’s darker-hued counterparts

4) You can safely wash it at 60 degrees for really grimy marks

5) Best of all, there’s no compromise in the style stakes. White sofas pack a punch in making a room feel lighter, fresher, more sophisticated and can pretty much be teamed with any scheme.

These benefits do come with a big caveat… The sofa absolutely must have removable covers! 

Happy sofa shopping!

If you’d like to discuss your interior requirements, especially for a young family, please do contact me.